All the Time Clock Features You Need

Overwhelmed trying to find the right employee time clock and tracking program for your team? Fear not! Get2Friday has everything you need, and nothing you don’t (like those insanely expensive pricing plans). Perfect for small businesses, teams, and freelancers. BONUS: it’s mighty good-looking and makes every day feel like Friday!

Central Dashboard

Time Tracking

Time Off Requests



Unlimited Team Size

Plus All These Time Clock Necessities

  • Clock In & Out
  • Project Timers
  • Team Time Off Calendar
  • Approve/Deny Time Off Requests
  • Time Off Request Comments
  • Teams/Departments
  • Time Off Blackout Dates
  • Paid Holidays
  • Payroll Reports
  • Employee Time Reports
  • Time Off Reports
  • Clocked In/Out Board
  • Customize Company Settings
  • Customize PTO Settings
  • Add/Edit Employee Time Off
  • Add/Edit Clock Entries
  • Employee Emergency Contacts
  • & MORE!

Simple to Use & Designed to Inspire Your Team

Your employees get access to all their important features right from the snazzy dashboard: clock in/out, create project timers to track time, request time off, view their time off requests, and be motivated by inspiring daily quotes! Plus, teams can coordinate time off requests better by viewing each other’s approved requests via the team time off calendar. Forget the ole’ stigma of punching the clock…ROCK the clock with Get2Friday!

VIP Access for Admins – Special Features & Reporting

Admins are very important people in Get2Friday so they get more features and visibility to make their job easier. The Admin menu is larger, with access to reporting, payroll, editing or adding employee time, approvals, teams, company settings, and more. The best part? Add as many team members as you want, whenever you need to – never pay more. And, filter your reports however you desire so you can analyze the data you care about.

Peace Out Pricey Subscriptions & Overwhelming Programs…

It’s Time to Get2Friday!

One low price for all the time clock features you need– it’s that simple! Add as many team members as you want – the price doesn’t go up.

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