How Much is Your Chaos Costing You?

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Making Business Management Easy
Do you feel like you're caught in the never ending cycle of frustration, thinking to yourself, "There HAS to be a better way!" We've been there. Done that. Let us show you how we broke the cycle and have helped hundreds of other companies do the same.
Run Your Business. Don't Let It Run You.
An easier way to manage people, time, jobs, shifts, and more.
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Mobile Access
Shift & Job Scheduling
Time Clock
GPS Tracking
PTO Management
Payroll & Time Reporting
Company Media Management
Central Dashboard
HR Tools
Incident Reports
Disciplinary Actions
Equipment Sign-Out
Vehicle Assignments
Vehicle Accident Reports
& More!

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Consider your chaos conquered.

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What makes us different?
What makes us different?
"I needed a mobile time clock with GPS tracking that my guys could use from the job site. With Get2Friday’s mobile app, they’ve got everything they need on their phone!"
Tom’s contracting company quickly grew from a one man show to a whole team and suddenly he didn’t have time to do anything but juggle everyone’s schedules. He needed a better way to keep track his employees’ time, schedules, and reporting. Tom increased his company’s productivity simply by eliminating wasted time due to poor communication or confusion.
"Gone are the days of wasting time searching for a company document or switching between countless programs. Everything is in one place with Get2Friday!"
Kasey was sick of hearing the complaints about having to use a different program for everything: time tracking, PTO, HR, company drives, scheduling, etc. Time spent searching for logins and documents was time wasted. Not only has her team gained back precious time, but reporting has improved since it’s easier to access and track everything all in one place.
"I was so busy trying to keep track of and schedule jobs that I wasn't getting any work done. Now I can see everything all in one place, and it's easy to adjust schedules as needed."
Andy manages a team at an industrial B2B company, and he was overwhelmed with keeping track of incoming jobs. Things would slip through the cracks, which resulted in angry clients, a chaotic work environment, and inefficient turnaround on projects. After using Get2Friday, he’s noticed his team is able to perform more effectively and he’s less stressed because everything is more organized.
"I couldn't keep track of all my vehicles and equipment…I’m sure I was losing money every day. I saw that Get2Friday had equipment/vehicle tracking, and I’m already seeing the payoff."
Alan owns a HVAC company and was having trouble keeping track of which employees had which vehicle and what equipment was checked out at any given time. This lack of organization and accountability was resulting in equipment loss and damage, costing the company money on repairs and replacements. Get2Friday made it easy for Alan to keep track of where all his equipment is at any given time. Plus, he can now easily manage his technician's time, schedules, and jobs too. His business is more organized than ever before!